Chicken Dishes Delivered across Australia

Specialised Chicken supplies premium rolled roasts and a range of other main course chicken dishes, with delivery across Australia. Contact us today to find out more and place your order.

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The Ideal Main Course

We have developed a wide range of Centre of Plate products that are ideal as a main course. Perfect for catering companies or canteens, this delicious range of meals includes something for everyone.

Garlic Kiev – Oven Ready

Our 200-gram Chicken Garlic Kiev is formed from chicken breast and filled with delicious garlic butter, perfectly crumbed and oven-ready for your convenience. What better way to stimulate everyone in the family’s taste buds!

Rolled Roasts

Our premium hand-made rolled Chicken Roasts are available in 300-gram or 900-gram sizes. They are available in multiple flavours such as chicken with ham and camembert, honey macadamia, garlic butter, plain and traditional


Our Chicken Filos are made from hand cut breast fillets, wrapped in tasty filo pastry. They are then pocketed with a range of flavours including: seafood Mornay, chicken with ham and camembert, Florentine, green prawn and avocado.


Our 120 gram Thigh Meat Kebabs are delicious and are coated in a crispy tempura batter.

Char Grill Breast Fillets

Our Char Grill Breast Fillets are 100 grams, hand sliced and fully cooked over a char grill.


Our premium grade Schnitzels can be made lightly seasoned or plain from the chicken breast or thigh. Available sizes for our schnitzels range from 100 grams to 250 grams.

Premium Breast Burger

Our succulent and delicious 100-gram chicken breast burger is fully cooked for your convenience.

Whole Cooked Breast

Our whole cooked chicken breasts are all randomly sized. They are perfect for any busy chef on the go! Simply slice and serve.

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